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1. I learned how to reduce calories and even regulate my inflammation, but before I was really able to figure out what I could do long term... there were a lot of struggles. Including finding something that would work for my wife who was suffering from a thyroid condition herself.When I first started changing my body, I was afraid I would regain the weight that I had lost if I slipped at all.I also hadn't been immersed in the research about using my body's fat stores as a form of energy yet...........ReadMore

2. A lot of detail with things like Intermittent Fasting, the Keto Diet, and tips to maximize your results. So basically what I'm saying is that a trustworthy person who knows what he's talking about.Not only did he transform his own body but he's also helped a ton of people transform their bodies too.His knowledge and experience alone are reason enough to purchase program.........ReadMore

3. DeLauer says that scientific research has shown that your body performs much better when it is using your body’s own fat for fuel, and this will teach you how to do exactly that. First, this plan will give you the nutritional education you need to understand why you will be making the new food and lifestyle choices that you need to make...............ReadMore

4. The main premise of the program is that you are able to use your own stored energy that is contained within the body to effectively boost mitochondria at the cellular level as a way to effectively melt fat and lose weight. With so many unhealthy and failure based diets available today, it is important to take the time to consider programs like The Adaptive Body Boost that can actually help you to make better choices and better decisions as a means to maintain proper and healthy body weight............ReadMore 

5. I had tried a lot of things. I found things on the internet and applied them, failed. I ate as many fruits and vegetables as I could, failed. I was told this and that by those seemingly knew what they were talking about, failed. I was going through failures after failures so much so that I started to think it was time to give up when I found out about this site. And today, after using the method regularly, my body burns fat for energy much ...........ReadMore

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