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1. I have always been the shy girl who was even ashamed to talk to people. And the only time I was happy was when I was eating. I didn’t even think of myself as to a woman. I found Heather’s website by mistake while I was surfing on Facebook and someone has shared a link. When I read her story I decided to join. In 2 weeks I already lost 5 pounds and I started to see myself as a woman. Now, I am down 78 pounds from when I started and I am a proudly Naturally Thin Woman................ReadMore

2. ​ Why you don't feel like exercising? studies have shown that most of the women don't exercise the right way for their bodies.The constant problem researchers found is that most of their trainings are linear, and they don't alternate pushing themselves with active recovery, leaving them almost exhausted. When you push yourself over your limit, and then you have a moment of active recovery...............ReadMore

3. What is wrong with me?  Does this happen to other people?  What happens with me is I have one great night, with friends and drinks and food, and for whatever reason I wake up the next day and continue on the “cheat day”.  Then the next day, I say “fuck it, I probably put on 5 pounds over the last two days, so why not just eat what I want right now”...................ReadMore

4. Are you one of these ladies? Are those food cravings giving you a constant trouble because you just cannot keep it in fine check? Do you have trouble binge eating and even worse overeating? I have your back so fret less.Let me usher you into a new era of weight loss specifically for women who are slaves of their own food cravings and relentless eating................ReadMore 

5. This site jams more data into this book than most authors would at any time attempt to carry out. A lot of the principles will retain you approaching back again for review. Though this is occasionally a harmful, it works very well in this full case. This can become a constant reference publication as you approach frontward.Overall, the abundance of data provided simply will certainly bring readers rear once again and once again. ..................ReadMore

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