Control Of The Mood Swings & Weight Gain

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1. When I struggled with sugar addiction, It wouldn’t matter if I was happy, sad, stressed, tired, or even just feeling ‘normal’…the binges would strike at any moment. And worse, they often seemed to hit me just when I was oh-so-close to reaching my weight loss goal.Then the inner demons would take over… the food cravings would dominate my every thought.Frantically, I would rifle through my college roommate’s cupboards as if I had a search warrant…..................ReadMore

2. We realized that there is a certain pattern of eating and moving that made rapid fat loss CERTAIN.  Every time our clients followed this synergistic 3-step pattern…they melted away fat so quickly that their friends and family barely recognized them after 25 days.As the pattern emerged – we grew curious about what all of our successful clients had in common................ReadMore

3. After 2 weeks of following the diet plan, I lost half a dozen pounds. It's amazing, I look great and haven't had this much energy in years. People have been telling me how good I look, and even my ex gave me a huge compliment last week. Ha, not that I'd take her back.......…..ReadMore
4. I still couldn't take my shirt off in public without wishing I would disappear... let alone see the abs trapped under my belly fat.Perhaps you can relate to this feeling of feeling trapped inside a body that's just not doing what you want, no matter what you try... and thinking your frustration just can't get any worse........….....ReadMore

5. If you workout with weights, or run, or do any kind of activity, it’s always with you.It can undo all your hard work in the gym and leave you feeling empty and depressed.It doesn’t care how old or young you are. It pays no attention to how experienced or novice you are. It can hit you at any time.What is this hidden danger that threatens to stop you in your tracks?.…..…….ReadMore

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