Short Burst WorkOut System

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1. This is not crazy talk.And you don’t need to adopt an insane diet, start taking truckloads of expensive pills or use one of those infomercial gimmicks that get peddled on late night TV.You see, this new form of exercise works for anyone and at any age.  Scientists have shown this unique system helps men and women of all ages to burn fat and build muscle at the same time.  That’s the Holy Grail of Exercise! And that means you can use these methods to look and feel better in your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s or even your 60’s than you did as a teenager..........ReadMore

2. ​In order to challenge your body to keep your metabolism boosted, you need to change your workouts every 3-4 weeks for optimal results.I suggest that you combine this program with a weight loss program like Fat Loss 4 Idiots cycled diet to get your nutrition and diet part right. Turbulence Training combined with Fat Loss 4 Idiots could be a fantastic one-two punch to make real weight loss progress...............ReadMore

3. Each workout takes only about 45 intense minutes all in all – this includes warm-ups and a cool down – and you do three of those per week. You shake things up and switch workout programs every fourth week to keep your body guessing – or in turbulence – and this makes it easier to keep losing fat and to avoid plateaus in your progress...............ReadMore

4. What you get from this e-book is a set of exercises which are designed as short bursts of workout that are intense as they can be, to keep your body in a state of Turbulence and stimulate  fat loss even whilst you are inactive.Strength training is the other main part of the e-book.Short and intense exercises will help you shed the excess pounds and your muscle strength will be given a boost to give you the best body type that you can have.
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5. workout program that uses unique interval training methods to increase the pace of weight loss and overall fitness. Unlike regular workouts, TT-style workouts are simpler, shorter and more intense, leading to faster body metabolism and better results in less time. The TT 2.0 program includes workout videos, program and workout guides, and a simple and accessible nutritional plan. ...............ReadMore

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