Better, Stronger & Progressive Yoga

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1. Progressive yoga has spread throughout the highest stress occupations, surgeons, operators, pilots, tactical first responders, hostage negotiators, etc… It has proliferated because yoga was never the goal. Progress was. How can you progress from the stress in your life, and become a better, stronger, healthier person from anything you encounter in life? Progressive yoga is your map, your torch, and your compass.….......ReadMore

2. This program was created by Scott Sonnon, a renowned trainer and adjunct professor of physical education at Penn State University. Scott Sonnon says he liked the idea of yoga, but wasn’t crazy about all the spiritual stuff that it comes with. He also wanted to create a yoga program that would really help people accomplish their fitness goals........ReadMore

3. There are a couple of workouts program that you can choose with this program. The video guides and the five manuals are great, but there are no other workouts that will keep you interested with more workouts in the longer time..........ReadMore

4. Sometimes, without even realizing it, we create our own storm. We do not sleep properly, we do not rest properly and nothing seems to help. However, our bodies are constantly sending us signals that we fail to understand. You can go swimming, do yoga, follow relaxation techniques but still your body will be tight..........ReadMore 

5. Feel refreshed , energized & amazed at what your body can do after an hour of Yoga followed by meditation every day at Progressive Yoga taught by Rachana (our versatile & student friendly master). Yoga here is not just another Exercise routine but the one which offers calmness both to the body and mind while your physically pushing yourself. Anyone who is new (like me ) or have previously been doing yoga can join Progressive yoga for feeling energised and refreshed everyday. Cause ``Good health can`t wait.........ReadMore

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