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1. How to Put Your Weight Loss on Autopilot? The time is now to bust out of the day-to-day grind of weight loss and put your fitness on autopilot. Here is how to free yourself and accomplish that goal.The Unique Weight Loss Method – New Revolutionary Method Puts Weight Loss On Autopilot. Quickly And Permanently. No Diets Or Workouts. Boost the Effectiveness of All Diets and Workouts by Tapping into the “Secret Of The Slim” Using this Newly-Discovered..................ReadMore

2. Yummy Fruit Heals Genetic High Blood Pressure, Most people would agree that if they’ve been eating unhealthily, not exercising or under a lot of stress, their high blood pressure could be healed with lifestyle changes.But what if your high blood pressure is genetic? A new study revealed that one common fruit can actually alter the gene function in your heart to lower your blood ...................ReadMore

3. Common Drink Causes Type-2 Diabetes, This same drink has been proven to worsen high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and a myriad of other health issues. But there seems to be no stopping this drink’s popularity.Researchers recently conducted an impressive study on about 350,000 people based throughout the UK, Denmark, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden, focusing their attention on the number of sugary drinks that they consumed on a regular basis, among other lifestyle choices..................ReadMore

4. Lowering Cholesterol INCREASES Stroke Risk 220%, In fact, lowering your cholesterol to the recommended level of 100 mg/dL can increase your risk of having the most dangerous type of stroke by a frightening 220%.The researchers mined data from the Women’s Health Study that included the records of 27,937 women aged 45 and up..................ReadMore 

5. 6 Serious Impacts of High Blood Pressure, The results of untreated, long-term high blood pressure can be catastrophic, even if the elevation wasn’t very high or what would normally be considered to be a medical emergency.Some effects are obvious (such as a stroke and heart attack), while others may have bothered you for years without you realizing it was high blood pressure that caused them.................ReadMore

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