Natural Thyroid Diet. Your Holistic Guide to Living Well, Living Vibrantly

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1. There’s been a radical shift in the way we eat due to industrialisation of our food supply, we are exposed to an overwhelming amount of toxins, and for the most part family and community structures have broken down. Along with overwhelming stress these factors are taking a serious toll on our emotional and physical health.The thyroid is particularly vulnerable to disruption by toxic foods, industrial pollutants, and stress. In effect, this small fragile gland is the ‘canary in the coal mine’.....................ReadMore

2. Fortunately Emily and Antony over at Real Plans have the solution. The Real Plans online meal planning service lets you choose thyroid friendly recipes, and plan meals  that are aligned with the advice I provide in The Natural Thyroid Diet. Real Plans makes eating healthy so much easier.The recipes cater to individual tastes and budget. From traditional, real food recipes – through to recipes that fit with special dietary requirements.……............ReadMore

3. Trying to heal your thyroid naturally? What really is the best diet for hypothyroidism? Let me answer this important question here today…As a Naturopath I advocate a REAL food diet.As I see it, food really is medicine….and every bite is a new opportunity to heal your body. In fact, a thyroid-nourishing diet upgrade can mean the difference between struggling with sub-optimal thyroid health................ReadMore

4. What Does It Mean When Reverse T3 Is Elevated? So you may be wondering what’s the deal with reverse T3 and WHY is an excess such a problem? The best way to explain this is by looking at what happens when the thyroid hormones are in balance. When things are going well the body converts thyroxine (T4) to both T3, and reverse T3. It’s perfectly normal for the body to produce both T4 and T3 as this is an ongoing process that helps maintain an ideal ratio of T3 and reverse T3............ReadMore

5. Getting the right mix of the best thyroid-supporting nutrients is the biggest piece of the puzzle when it comes to treating a thyroid imbalance. In fact, it’s often hard to find a thyroid health supplement that supplies an extensive range of nutrients specifically tailored to boost thyroid health.…............ReadMore

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