Flips ON Your Body's Fat-Burning Switch

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1. Any person at any age can reprogram their metabolism to burn more fat by strategically eating more carbs....But that's not all. The most important piece of the fat loss puzzle is what's been known since the days of the caveman.Most of these foods are not what you think they are.As you'll discover below, most of the lower carb diet foods you think help you burn fat could actually be making you fatter with every bite, while eating many of the high carb foods you try to avoid can actually help you burn more fat.  

2. ​This is the first week of the program and the goal is to give your metabolism a “reset”. For one week you will not eat any carbs and doing this is supposed to drain your body’s carb storage. Once your body runs out of carbs to use for energy it will turn to burning fat for energy. During this cycle you will also be able to control and stabilize your blood sugar. This program claims that during this stage of the program you can lose anywhere between 5 to 15 pounds................ReadMore

3. This site is a precision-based, dieting focused program. The human body has an ability referred to as adaptive response and this program’s theory works on resetting it. The adaptive response means that your body adapts to the changes to you do it. So if you reduce your caloric intake, your body stores more fat as a counter measure. Your body basically thinks you are starving..............ReadMore

4. Shaun teaches you how to change fat into energy. He explains how to empty your bodies carb storage and muscle glycogen to attain the most effective fat loss in the fastest way. Also, he shows how to break the reliance on sugar of your body and how to speed up the burning of unpleasant fat. Besides, the program helps you to control and stabilize your blood sugar levels which result in an, even faster, fat loss. On top of that, it resets your metabolic triggers, as well as your fat burning hormones, to make you ready for the carb cycling...............ReadMore 

5. The real problem with this is that it can quickly discourage you. Often it leads women to think that they cannot lose weight because they've tried "everything". In the process of trying to lose weight quickly, you've actually slowed down your own progress. In the process of looking for the easy way out, you've actually taken the hard way.There is an old saying that in "life is easy when you do it the hard way and hard when you do it the easy way". When it comes to dieting and weight loss this is most certainly true. Yes, some weight loss methods work faster and better than others. But jumping from diet to diet is just not the fastest way to lose weight..................ReadMore

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