Fixing Metabolic Adaptation & Reverse Dieting

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1. I wrote this book because it needed to be written. There is a sea of confusion clogging the minds and hearts of people in regards to metabolic behavior, weight loss, and "starvation." A confusion that is so aggressive, it can lead to disorders and severe physical and psychological distress. I want to be apart of stopping that confusion.Because of all that, I wrote this book. I hope you enjoy it and it brings you the education you deserved all along...................ReadMore

2. According to this Starve Mode Review, Starve Mode eBook written by Leigh Peele is developed to help dieters make the right decisions regarding their weight loss diet. The writer, Leigh Peele realized that there is so much wrong information about dieting and weight loss circulating the Internet. She’s just a trainer and a researcher who wants the truth to come out, so she can help millions of people lose weight and achieve good health the right way. In her eBook, she shares the product of her many years of research and experience with clients of all shapes and sizes. ...................ReadMore

3. In Leigh Peele’s previous book, Fat Loss Troubleshoot, making “troubleshooting” the big idea was a stroke of genius. That’s because we almost never reach our body composition or body weight goals in a straight line. The essence of continuous progress is navigating through all the inevitable ups and downs and getting beyond frustrating plateaus.In Starve Mode, Leigh has continued her tireless quest to research and share the facts about fat loss physiology and psychology in another brilliant book that builds on and goes even deeper than her first one.

4. Is your diet based upon actual tests, studies, or scientific data? If not, is it based upon the personal testamentary of some Hollywood celebrity or TV diet guru. A lot of diets are, and this might be why so many diets have trouble losing weight or keeping it off. Overweight people want a good solution, not just hype, in order to lose weight, keep it off, and stay healthy..................ReadMore 

5. This is a comprehensive e-book that contains more than 200 pages that are presented in the PDF format with more than 270 references. This book is divided into 17 chapters, covering the latest science knowledge of metabolism health and the peer reviews and anecdotal experiences of many prestigious experts on this topic. In fact, this book will help you answer these questions .................ReadMore

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