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User Review

What I liked about the service was the analysis for a general sense of the market. Mike seemed to be very good at that. But, I also got the sense that he might be getting some ideas from other newsletter writers. Anyway, what he provided was good information for the gist of things. On the other hand, he was wrong about the trend on more than one occasion and I lost money because of it. I should have had better stops, so I was responsible for the losses, no doubt.

There are several players that post information on the site - Andy, Kevin and Gerald to name a few. Andy has provided excellent calm analysis. Kevin is knew to the site but seems to have some good ideas. Gerald is a member with a big mouth. He has experience with precious metals (Gold, actually) and has a strong handle on how to buy and sell PM stocks. He is generous in providing this information to everyone. He knows very little about non-PM equities from what I can tell. He should stick to what he knows - gold stocks only. This guy seems to have a lot of issues and rubs people wrong at times. His insights, however, are invaluable.

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