Two Fold Formula

Within a few years starting in the year 2003 I was co-managing a hedge fund with several million dollars in it.  And I did that for three years and during that time we beat the markets to the point where we were ranked among the top forty out of thousands of hedge funds by hedgefund.net.

I didn’t really like managing other people’s money and so I got out with a bundle.  I enjoy writing and that’s my passion and still use The Two Fold Formula to make everything possible.

So today I share my thoughts on the markets on my website WallStreetWindow.com.

And this is why I published my new Two Fold Formula book

Now nothing is guaranteed 100% of the time so you always have to control your risks and position sizes.  I learned that much, but I still needed the answer.  It was the only way I could win and so I chose to do the work necessary to give me the edge I needed.

I needed to go from gambling bets to more certain setups.  I had to find a price pattern setup in the markets that would work and would repeat as much as possible.  I knew what the best pattern had to do.  It had to lead to the largest amount of gains in the quickest amount of time with the least amount of risk.

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