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How does Drop shipping Work?

If you’re new to drop shipping, don’t worry, SaleHoo makes it easy! There are tons of creative ways to sell your products online. Ecommerce websites, auction sites like eBay, retailers like Amazon, and many more.

Here’s an example of how to drop ship on eBay:

Drop shipping makes my business easier to manage and my customers happy.  I have access to a large list of top selling products and have someone working for me 24/7, what’s not to love about that? 

6 Steps to SaleHoo Success

Most drop ship companies will gladly take your money, but once you’re a customer, you’re on your own. My experience with SaleHoo was different. It doesn’t matter if you’re drop shipping expert or just starting out, SaleHoo gives you the tools to make money. Here’s how it works…

Step 1: Research Market Labs 

Your first stop when finding products on SaleHoo is Research Market Labs. 

This SaleHoo exclusive tool gives you insight into the drop shipping market like:

    What products are selling?
    What is the average price for sold products?
    What is the competition level for different products?

You can even setup email alerts with fresh new product ideas. Click here to get started with SaleHoo labs.

Step 2: Find a supplier in the directory 

SaleHoo’s directory makes finding suppliers fast, easy, and low risk. 

    Fast research – Fast access to supplier catalogs and contact information make will save you time.
    Easy searches – Tons of filters for finding the exact product or niche you’re looking for.
    Low risk – SaleHoo has thoroughly screened all their suppliers so you don’t have to worry about getting scammed and making your customers angry.

Step 3: Contact suppliers 

After you’ve found the perfect product and supplier, it’s time to contact them to see if they’ll be a good fit. I highly recommend checking out SaleHoo’s templates to save you time.

Step 4: Negotiate with the supplier 

If you’re a great negotiator or already have a large eCommerce business you should have no problem getting great prices from suppliers. If you’re not into negotiating, don’t worry, it’s easier than it sounds.

Almost all suppliers will lower your prices if you prove you can sell their products, and many offer loyalty programs that give you a predetermined discount if you sell a certain number of products.

Step 5: Order and sell the product 

Placing your first wholesale orders is one of the best feeling in the world!

I highly recommend ordering a product from new suppliers before you start selling it. SaleHoo only lists trustworthy suppliers, but understanding your customers’ experience will help you understand the products you sell and limit returns. If you decide to order a product first, look out for these things:

    Does the product match the description?
    How long does it take to ship?
    Does the product have any unlisted features that you can list to give you an edge over competitors?

Step 6: Profit!

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