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What is Paid Social Media Jobs all about?

Paid Social Media Jobs is a type of an online marketplace where you can find jobs to work as a freelancer which in other words, means part-time.

Some of the works that companies would want you to do includes:

    Replying comments on their social media page
    Tweet on Twitter
    Getting likes for the Facebook page
    Commenting on YouTube videos
    Manage their social media accounts

User Review

Paid Social Media Jobs actually works because some people do make some money from it though it’s not as much as what it’s advertised for.

However due to the difficulty in finding a job, due the unnecessary high cost to become a member, and also the fact that it’s EXACTLY the same as Fiverr or eLance which you could otherwise join for free, Paid Social Media Jobs is considered a SCAM and receives a 65 out of 100 rating.

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Do feel free to share your experiences as I would more than happy to hear them out!

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