Paid Social Media Jobs

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Social Media Training

The social media that we know in 2014, is definitely not the same as what it is now.

So much has changed…

But, not for Paid Social Media Jobs.

The training material is still the same. It has 3 core modules and 1 advanced training.

I’ve shared my thoughts about the training materials here.

To be a social media manager, you need a specific skill set…

And, PSMJ does not have that kind of training that will teach you everything about Social Media Managing.

Basic skills like community management, social media posting schedules, managing social engagements, are not even discussed in PSMJ.

These are utmost important skills that a social media manager needs.

Which leads me to the question again “what is the point of Paid Social Media Jobs?”

What’s in the PSMJ Training?

Here’s what PSMJ teaches you:

    Write good resumes
    Promote yourself
    Attract business owners to engage your services
    Many other surface information, but none of the pertinent importance

I assume that you are looking to join PSMJ because you wanted to earn some money online.

But, if you don’t have the skill set, how do you offer your services?

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