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 “ IM Jetset ”  ( Download With The Bonus & FREE Video Tips Here !!! )

A Real Grounding and Potential Masterclass

The reason for that headline is simple! John is a PRO. Not a fly-by-night Warrior plus vendor. He has his own network and is a multiple millionnaire. Very smart guy. he used to work for Adwords and has spent hundreds of thousands on Facebook advertising.

He is big into tracking, copy and mindset as well.

Internet Jetset Core Training

1. The Online Business Blueprint: This is the introduction of the main training where Johns gives you the blueprint of becoming a successful Online Business Entrepreneur. From getting traffic, selling products and automating your entire Business

2. Introduction to the Internet Jetset: In this module, you’ll get the mindset that you can make money online. It will give you perspective of why people fail, how to defeat Shiny Object Syndrome and strengthening your mindset to overcome your past failures

3. Choosing Your Niche: Both Video and text training. John shares his story and gives examples of the niches that you can choose from. He also recommends affiliate programs that you can be involved in the niche that you’ll choose to range from low, medium and high commissions.

4. Google: Focuses on how to get FREE traffic from Google. He gives examples of niche review sites like Gold, Online Dating, relationship, Skin care and much more.(Hint: This is my main and favorite source of traffic)

5. YouTube: When in comes to Video, John has plenty with thousands of views. This Module covers everything you need to know about YouTube Traffic. Period! From how to upload a video, Creating a Catchy Custom thumbnail for high CTR, writing video descriptions that sell, a guideline to make sure that all your videos are relevant to your audience and so much more.

6. FaceBook: Getting traffic from Facebook is easy. Getting traffic from Facebook is Hard. John shares his personal experience and explains the basics of creating a page and inviting friends and why automation is important in facebook marketing.

7. Your Website: There is so much information in this module. As you probably know, your website is like a skyscraper that appreciates with time.   

8. Copywriting basics:  copywriting from Ronnie Sandlin who is a student of John and makes up to 6 figures. Discover the secret to the most influential and profitable copies

9. Launch Jerking: Many people are taking advantage of this technique to get big Bucks during launches. Don’t be left out.

10. Authority Review Sites: Learn how to choose a profitable affiliate offer and how to generate passive income through the same.

11. Facebook ads for Affiliates: Create Facebook ads and make your first sale via Facebook. 

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