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The “gurus” want it this way.

The truth hit me hard… The gurus are simply lining their pockets with cold, hard cash by selling the innocent hard working masses (like you and me) whatever they need to sell at the time to make a quick buck.

I remember buying in to some so-called “push button” software that promised overnight riches to the tune of thousands each and every day, yet delivered zilch - zero - nothing.

Sound familiar?

One of the most important online truths I’ve learnt is that things move at a rapid pace. Usually, by the time you learn about something it’s already dead 12 months in the past… And that’s why you never have any luck.

Most of these “gurus” are selling stuff that worked a year ago, but they only just decided to share it with you in their “exclusive new program” once it already stopped working for them - and then they scramble to keep their income up, so sell you the “old” secrets.

It makes my blood boil - I knew I had to come up with a solution.

First, let’s take a look at some of the common obstacles faced when trying to make money online…

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