ClickBank University

 “ ClickBank University ” 
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User review

Pretty much anyone can create a vendor’s account if you’re happy to pay the $49.95 activation fee. After that you’re free to sell whatever you want if you stick to their terms and services.

A big part of their terms is that you must offer a 60 day money back guarantee. There are many others and if you sign up as a vendor you’ll be presented with them all in their terms and conditions.

Everything is neatly laid out from the moment you login to the members’ area and as you can see they have a good range of topics.

What I like the most is the training. If you want to be a vendor selling your own products or an affiliate selling products in their marketplace, you’re covered.

If you’re wanting to become an affiliate, their lessons on building an email list will help you to make commissions with whatever product you wish to sell because you can market to that list you’re building.

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