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Top 5 Reviews

1.This program, though including an extensive yoga portion, is also a bodyweight home workout plan designed to increase metabolism, reduce body fat and increaseenergy levels while decreasing the negative effects of cortisol.ReadMore

2.It’s not that I didn’t try. I’ve tried different workout plans that promised a better, shapely bum. Some of them sort of worked, others didn’t but in the end, if you want results and to keep results you need to put in work. This can be very different to do when the workouts are something that you don’t look forward to doing.ReadMore 

3.The Yoga Burn Booty Challenge has a concept of the Prime, Activate and Pump or in other words, P.A.P. which is designed to ensure that you do the right exercise and that too in the correct order and for the right amount of time. All this is essential to work on all the three parts of the booty to the max possible level so that you get the best results possible and that too out of every single workout that you perform using the tricks, tips, and methods put up by the Yoga Burn Booty Challenge.ReadMore

4.Yoga Burn program provides you all the freedom and flexibility to do these yoga workouts in your spare time and within a comfort of your home. The program consists of a 12- week video series that are very easy to follow. ReadMore

5.Overall, if you think you’re too busy to workout for 15 minutes a day, or if you don’t usually follow through on workout programs you purchase, then the Yoga Burn Booty Challenge might not be for you.ReadMore